Book Title
Summary (Three sentences- Beginning, Middle, End.)
Teacher Initials
1. The Aviary
Clara's longtime teacher and "grandmother" Mrs. Glendoveer dies of sickness, but Clara isn't so sure Mrs. Glendveer's children died by drowning. Clara meets up with Daphne and some talking birds. At the end, she realizes that the birds are the five Glendoveer children and that the "nice" Mr. Woodruff was the culprit.
NRM 9-4
2. Breathing Room
Marsha Hayles
Evelyn goes to a tuberculosis hospital. Her friends Dena and Pearl die and she continues to get better. She then recovers from the tuberculosis and returns home to her family.
NRM 9-4
3.The Emerald Atlas
John Stephens
Kate, Michael and Emma get sent to Cambridge Falls, an "orphanage". They are then whisked back in time by the atlas and fight evil witches, magical creatures, and dwarves. They then save the children and go back to the future.
NRM 9-12
4. Chasing Vermeer
Blue Balliett
Petra and Calder find out that someone stole the portrait, A Lady Writing, and want to solve the mystery. They find the portrait in the Delia Dell campus, and find out that Calder's friend Tommy's stepdad stole it. They save the portrait, make many new friends, and find that the world is connected in mysterious ways.
NRM 9-12
5. When You Reach Me.
Rebecca Stead
Miranda's mom is chosen to be on the game show 20,000 Dollar Pyramid, and Miranda's best friend stops talking to her. She runs into a lot of trouble and fun with crazy men, dentists, time travel, and trivia. In the end, the crazy man saves a live but dies, her friend talks to her again, and her mom wins 10,000.
NRM 9-4
6. The Apothecary
Malie Meloy
Janie and her family move to England. She saves Benjamin's father, The apothecary. Benjamin's dad brainwashes Janie and her family so they don't remember them, and Janie unconsciously longs for the memory of Benjamin's kiss.
NRM 9-12
7. Ultraviolet
R. J. Anderson
Alison goes to a mental hospital. She finds out she has synesthesia. She and Faraday go to another world to rescue a girl Alison "killed".
NRM 9-12
8. Half Upon a Time.
James Riley
Jack and May (a girl who fell out of the sky) go off to save May's grandmother.
They meet a young prince named Phillip and fight monsters, the huntsman, a mirror genie, and "The Red Hood". In the end, May realizes that her Grandma isn't Snow White, but instead she is The Wicked Queen.
NRM 9/19
9. Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.
Mildred D. Taylor
Cassie and her brothers don't live the best life you could imagine. Through the troubles of Mama losing her job, Papa breaking his leg, and the Berrys being burned, they still stuck through it all. Cassie learned the importance of friendship and courage through the terrible time of segregation.
NRM 9/19
10. Code Orange
Caroline B. Cooney
Mitty never really enjoyed learning, but it got better and worse when he started his project on small pox. He found an envelope of scabs from an infected person from about 100 years ago; but after all his research, he becomes worried about them. What if he got small pox? He runs away to protect his family, but to his luck, he gets kidnapped by crazy foreign terrorists who want to use his small pox for evil. He uses his wit and unknown smarts to rescue himself from their evil clutches, and he returns to his family, heathy and without small pox. And the best of all, he gets to see his girlfriend Olivia again.
NRM 9/19
11. Surviving The Applewhites
Stephanie S. Tolan
Jake is sent to the Applewhite's farm/homeschool for his terrible behavior. He doesn't expect Wit's End (the farm's name, no joke) to bring as many surprises as it did. In the end, he plays Rolf in the Sound of Music, an Applewhite farm production, with a mix of kids and adults he never realized was his kind of life.
NRM 10-1
12. Island of the Aunts
Iva Ibbotson
The Aunts kidnap 3 children; and all seems to go well on their "invisible" island. Two of the children love all the fantasy creatures there, and one hates it. A fun story filled with stoorworms, krakens, selkies, and mermaids ensures the reader a fun story to dig their noses in.
NRM 10-1
13. Savvy
Ingrid Law
Mississippi Beaumont (otherwise known as Mibs), sets off on a marvelous adventure to use her savvy to save her father from dying. Will, Bobbi, Fish, Sampson, Miss Lil, Lester, and many other unusual characters find themselves changing in many ways while they trek to Salina. In the end, Mibs' father is woken up, she discovers her savvy, and she made some freinds along the way.
NRM 10-30
14. Body of Water
Sarah Dooley
Ember's home burned down, and her family is now living in a campground for $5 a day, in tents that could double as microwaves. Ember tries to make new friends, coming up with identities like "Amber the missionary", "Amber the pro swimmer", and "Amber, professional runner. She has to live near mean boys, bears, deer, trees, and WAY too close to her sister. Ember hopes that her dad can find a job before her mom gets drawn back too far into Tarot cards again.
NRM 10-30 - Is her name Amber or Ember?
Ember, she tells the others Amber.
15. Wonder
R. J. Palacio
August (Auggie) Pullman is not a normal boy. He is a boy with a face deformity. When he gets to fifth grade age, his overprotective parents finally decide to let him go to school. There, he meets a few new friends, faces some mean and immature bullies, and finds out that it's okay to be unique. In the end, his sister, Via, realizes that in middle school, her image doesn't count as much as her brother.
NRM 1-24
16. The Extraordinary
Education of Nicholas Benedict.
Trenton Lee Stewart
Nicholas Benedict went to an orphanage and first thing he did was outsmart 3 hunks of bullies. He then met up with John, and Violet, a deaf girl, to try to solve the enigma of where the missing fortune of Rothchild's End (the orphanage). This may seem challenging, but not for a boy who's nine who can build a bicycle powered phonograph, read huge books in five minutes, and remember everything he hears or reads. Nicholas has one problem though: He has narcolepsy. Which means he falls to sleep at random times of day. So he's pretty vulnerable. At the end...he finds what he needs.
NRM 1-24
17. Fireball
Ken Munro
Brian and Sammy go to a trial at the courthouse. They meet "Deep Eyes". Then, they go around and interrogate every suspect. Next, they go to the arsonist's next target, which is where both get knocked out. After, they set up a stake out at a vacationing family's house (a policeman's house) and Sammy finds an answer to the mystery. At the end, they get together all the suspects and reveal the culprit.
NRM 10-30
18. Mockingbird
Kathryn Erskine
Caitlin's brother, Devon, died by gunshot wound at school, and her and her father are still grieving. Caitlin has Asperger's and doesn't really "get it". She meets up with Michael, a kindergartener, and grieve together for their losses. In the end, Caitlin realizes there is a reason for her in the world.
NRM 1-24
19. Number The Stars
Lois Lowry
Annemarie and Ellen are best friends. when Ellen's parents leave to hide from the Nazis, Ellen lives with Annemarie's family. They stick together through hard times, even when Ellen leaves, and hope to reunite someday.
NRM 10-30
20. Spilling Ink
Ellen Potter and Ann Mazer.
This is a book is about writing. It is informational about writing and it has really helped with my stories in writing (see home page). From character sleepovers to chicken nugget skies, this book covers writing from head to toe! Watch out boring writing pamphlet, here comes Spilling Ink!
NRM 1-24
21. Brighty of The Grand Canyon
Marguerite Henry
Brighty lives his life on the Grand Canyon with his owner, Old Timer. Brighty's whole life gets mixed up when Old Timer is gone, a crazy bandit steals him, when he gets jumped by a mountain lion, plus many more heartwarming adventures. Brighty's actions pay off when he meets the president and is awarded for his faithfulness.
NRM 10-31
22. Millicent Min
Lisa Yee
Millicent Min is not an usual Asian girl off the block. She's a high schooler- when she's twelve. She has to live through the tortures of tutoring Stanford Wong, playing volleyball, and trying to get the courage to tell her best friend Emily her secret of being a genius. She also gets the chance to go to college!
NRM 11/27
23. Deadly Pink
Vivian Vande Verde
Grace's sister Emily purposely sticks herself in a video game to die. Grace goes inside the immerse video game to rescue her, only to find that when she rescues Emily, both have to "fix" the issues they made in the game before they can never escape! They use their wit and smarts to rescue themselves from not only the game, but also from their personal problems.
NRM 12-3
24. The Ringmaster's Secret
Carolyn Keen
Nancy Drew goes to Sim's Circus, only to find a thrilling case to solve there. Is Lolita a prisoner, not an adopted daughter? Is Kroon a nice person, or is he only putting on an act? Will Nancy be able to solve the mystery before Lola Flanders, Lolita's mom, dies of amnesia and sadness? Nancy solves all this and more in this circus case, while being a circus act herself!
NRM 11-27
25. The Son of Neptune
Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson finds himself at Camp Jupiter, memory completely gone. He, Hazel, and Frank go off on a quest to save Death before Gaea can rule the underworld. They trio all find their strengths and weaknesses on their perilous journey.
NRM 1-24
26.The Garden of Eve
K. L. Going
Evie moves to a dark, old town in the middle of nowhere after her mother dies. She meets a old woman who tells about magic seeds and missing siblings. Evie finds a magic seed and a "dead" boy and set off to solve a mystery.
NRM 5/1
27. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Jill Wolfson
Amanda, a gymnast, had a big accident during gymnastics and died. Her family reluctantly donated Amanda's organs to a hospital, and Dani got her heart. Dani's heart was on the wrong side of her body when she was born. Dani got Amanda's heart, and Dani did many things with that heart. (Love This Book!)
NRM 5/1
28. Searching for David's Heart

Deedee's brother died in an automobile accident. She and her friend Sam go on a journey to Florida to meet the person who recieved David's heart. The boy they meet surprises them in many ways, some make drastic changes in their lives.
NRM 5/1
29. Radiate
Marley Gibson
Hayley makes it onto the varsity cheerleading team, but while cheerleading finds a lump on her leg that is a cancerous tumor. She has to quit cheerleading to go to a hospital to get treated. She is supported by many friends, but has her many issues to get through.
NRM 5/1
30. The Indian Bones' Revenge
Ken Munro

31. True....(sort of)

Delaware makes friends with Ferris Boyd. Ferris doesn't speak to anyone, not even her cat. Will these two girls be friends forever? Or will Delaware's crazy and naughty instincts break through?
NRM 5/1
32. Slob
Ellen Potter
Owen is the heaviest boy in his school. Many problems show up: his past-showing TV doesn't work, his oreos continue to disappear, and his gym teacher is out to get him. Will Owen solve all his problems?
NRM 5/1
33. The School of Fear
Gitty Danshivari
The School of fear is a school for people who are deathly afraid of things. Theo is afraid of death. Madeline is afraid of bugs. Lulu is afraid of confined spaces. Garrison is afraid of large bodies of water. Their parents send them to a secret school--the school of fear. Will they make it out alive?
NRM 5/1
34. Wish
Joseph Monninger
Bee's brother Tommy is shark know-it-all, but he wont be one for very long. He has cystic fibrosis, which makes it hard for him to breathe. He and his family go on a wish foundation trip to swim with a great white shark. Tommy gets to meet a famous surfer, gets to surf, and Bee has a secret that is one she'll never forget.
NRM 5/1
35. Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree
Lauren Tarshis
Emma Jean is a very gifted girl who is smart in every subject except being social. She tries to solve other peoples problems, but gets into a lot of crazy messes during that time. Will Emma Jean make more trouble than it's worth?
NRM 5/1
36. Emma Jean Lazarus Fell In Love
Lauren Tarshis
Emma Jean falls in love with Will Keeler, and her friend Colleen has a secret admirer and asks Emma Jean to find out who it is. Is her secret admirer a boy, or is it someone you wouldn't expect?
NRM 5/1
37. Making Waves